One of the pillars of the High Country is the plethora of hiking trails woven throughout the forests of the Blue Ridge. As a tenant with Sofield Properties, you’ll have access to most of these areas with a short drive or carpool to the entrance. We can’t list every nook and cranny here in a blog post, so remember to explore. Be safe, grab some trail mix and take in the sights and sounds.

5 Boone Destination Hiking Trails

  1. Mountain to Sea Trail – This one’s sort of cheating, as it starts in Tennessee. The Mountain to Sea trail is incredibly long, at 1175 miles. The Mountain to Sea trail is split into sections, each at around a 20-30 mile hike. You’ll go through all of western NC, from–get this–the mountain to the sea. It’s definitely worth a visit, even if you aren’t traveling the full 1175 miles.
  2. Howard’s Knob – Casual hikers will have no trouble with our next hiking spot, Howard’s knob. The knob is an overlook just outside of downtown Boone. An uphill drive will take you to the entrance, where you’ll find picnic tables, grill spots, and a small field for throwing frisbee or the old pigskin. The overlook has a rock that juts directly out, giving hikers a view of all of Boone.
  3. Grandfather Mountain – Grandfather is more of a traditional hiking destination, that includes an overlook. There’s an entrance fee, but it’s worth the price. Students should check to see which months they’ll get a discount, as rates can be as low as 5$. Hikers will find an extensive trial, wildlife exhibits, and an overlook from the top of the mountain. The gift shop also has some items that are hard to resist!
  4. Boone Greenway – The Boone Greenway is a fantastic loop through a safe and pleasant community area. It’s possible to choose different loops in order lower or raise the mile count. A picnic area also makes it a prime location for birth day parties or cook outs. If you’re an amateur hiker, this is a great place to start.
  5. Price Lake – Price lake is a great spot for hiking, as well as camping and kayaking. The man made lake sports visitors year around, with more in the summer when kayaking is available. Hop on a kayak with a date and enjoy the serene location and beautiful view. Hikers looking for a short trip around the lake should take the loop.

Sofield Properties

Residents can find all of these trails and more in close proximity of all Sofield Properties. These areas are fairly close to Boone, but there are many more in the area and nearby. Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced hikers will find trails to their specifications all throughout the High Country. If you’re interested in coming to Boone just for the hiking, don’t  worry, we’ve got you covered. Call now for a consultation on renting for the new year. We have apartments opening up for January 2018, and in this beloved area all of them go quick. Start the new year off right and pursue your passion, or start a new one with Sofield Rentals. Have a happy new year!