Food and Dining in the High Country

Food and Dining in the High Country

The High Country has no shortage of fantastic dining experiences, many of which are right here in Boone. If you love unique dining, fresh food, and a friendly atmosphere, then Boone is a perfect fit for you.  We love our local restaurants!  Instead of visiting a chain that exists in hundreds of cities around the country, check out some of our outstanding local options that you won’t find anywhere else.  Below is a list of some of the best restaurants in the area that have been verified by reviewers, as well as valued customers.

Joy Bistro

If you have ever been to France, or long for a taste of the city of love, you are in luck with Joy Bistro. The menu is populated with delectable French cuisine and a mixed blend of other spices and recipes modeled after the surrounding area. There are countless different food choices, with a focus on seasonal availability of ingredients to be sure you get the freshest food available. You can find a special brunch on Sundays that includes dishes such as goat cheese fondant, quail eggs, and a red wine short rid.

CoBo Sushi Bistro and Bar

One of the most surprising restaurants we have here in the High Country is by far CoBo Sushi Bistro. One would not expect the mountains of North Carolina to be one of the best places to get great sushi. The welcoming atmosphere and pleasant staff immediately greet you at the door. The sushi is fantastic, and they have numerous options for rolls and other dinners. The appetizers are outstanding, and they mix well with the varied and well selected beer choices.

The Gamekeeper

If you are looking to experience the essence of wild eating, the Gamekeeper has elk, ostrich, and many other unique choices of meat. The local menu keeps seasonal options that rotate throughout the year to maintain an interesting variety on the menu at all times. Every entrée is delicious, so don’t be afraid to branch out at the Gamekeeper, even if you are trying something new! Everything on the menu is organic, and it is a testament to the chef that the menu consists of some of the best dishes in all of North Carolina.

Stick Boy Kitchen

Stick Boy is a local favorite here in Boone, and the owners have serviced satisfied customers for over 15 years. The bread from Stick Boy is unparalleled in the area, and possibly the state. They wake up early and start baking fresh bread and pastries at 4 or 5 in the morning, just as they used to back in the old days. They have bagels, seasonal breads, breakfast plates, sandwiches, soups, salads, and many more tasty options. There are a great number of seasonal staples that keep local customers coming back each year – we recommend the pumpkin spice bread in the fall.


Proper has an interesting story, as it used to be a jailhouse back in the day. Now, it provides an excellent place to get southern foods like biscuits, grits, chicken and waffles, and sweet tea. Proper is a beloved restaurant that has been serving local customers for years. They welcome all visitors, and the friendly environment, charming staff, and unparalleled southern cooking makes it that much more enjoyable. Plus, the historic charm of the building gives you a nostalgic feeling and makes for an interesting view at any table in the restaurant.


If you are searching for an amazing place to eat breakfast, Melanie’s might be the best place in Boone to get it. They also have lunches, and both meals benefit from their extremely high quality ingredients and original recipes. You can get just about any kind of breakfast you want at Melanie’s, and they maintain a steady list of vegetarian and vegan options. The variety of Melanie’s food choices is refreshing, and we guarantee you will come back time and time again for breakfast and lunch.

Coyote Kitchen

The menu of Coyote Kitchen is arguably the most interesting menu in town. There is an amazing spread of cultural soul food with sandwiches, bowls, burgers, and dip that they make fresh in the kitchen. The best thing about Coyote Kitchen is not only that they deliver with a wide array of choices, but also the customization options of every dish. Nearly everything can be made vegetarian with a simple request, or even vegan for the more rigid diet. The meat is all free of antibiotics and hormones, and you can tell once you sink your teeth in. It is truly some of the best quality meat in the area, and once you taste one of their Kobe beef burgers, you’ll be ready to try everything on the menu.

Frasers Restaurant and Pub

West Jefferson has just as much good food as Boone and Blowing Rock, and Frasers Restaurant and Pub is a testament to that. The large dining area in Frasers is a great place to have a family gathering or business meeting. The food at Frasers offers a little something for everyone, with gourmet burgers, cheese steaks, and New York Strip. They do lunch and dinner for six days a week, but they are closed on Sunday. If you are interested in trying the dining scene in West Jefferson, you should know the list does not end with Frasers! There are plenty of other great places to eat and get your money’s worth!

Woodland’s Barbecue

No other restaurant has quite encapsulated the spirit of the High Country like Woodland’s has. Their atmosphere is that of a well-established mountain cabin, with live music from local bands and a friendly living room aesthetic. It also helps that the barbeque is second to none in the entire state of North Carolina! Woodlands has perfected the art of making excellent barbeque in nearly every style, and they are sure to have an option that will satisfy your hunger. Woodland’s is in Blowing Rock, and is part of a collection of some of the best food in the state. Downtown Blowing Rock has a wide variety of restaurants and nearly all are worth trying out.

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