Moving to Boone? Returning? Either way, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite restaurants for you to peruse and hopefully enjoy. As a Boonie you are not lacking when it comes to places to eat. Boone has locations in every nook and cranny of town that will give you a full belly and a pleasant evening in a price range you’re looking for. This list is purely subjective, as our your taste buds. We here at Sofield Rentals encourage you to shop around at the different restaurants to find your favorite. The center of town can become very busy around holidays, so it pays to find a location you prefer that’s a little hidden. We’ll leave them for you to discover. Here are five places that every local has made a staple in their diet.

Boone Bagelry

516 W King St

Boone Bagelry is the go-to breakfast delivery place in Boone. Delivery is free of charge, and they even offer a cash discount. The menu is what you’d expect from a Bagelry, including many options for bagels and spread. All the regular breakfast favorites are found as well. Staples such as bacon, eggs, omelettes,  daily specials, etc. The food is sure to satisfy most everyone. We recommend the Bagelicious on an everything bagel with muenster cheese!


664 W King St

Just up the road from Boone Bagelry is Melanie’s. When you go to Melanie’s you go for the food, and stay for the rest of the food. In my personal experience I can say I’ve never had a lackluster meal at Melanie’s. The chefs have stocked the menu, and the servers ensure the service is smooth and quick. There’s usually a wait during the early hours, so be prepared to stand around or come early. We recommend the Trucker Breakfast if you like potatoes.

Come Back Shack

1521 Blowing Rock Rd

Come Back Shack has the structure of a drive-thru fast food restaurant. Careful though, it’s a trick! The local burger joint has been around for a while now, and they have done nothing but increased in quality. If you aren’t careful you’ll be stopping by every day for their amazing burgers. The menu is stacked, and it’s sure to give everyone an opportunity to find their new favorite burger. Remember to try their signature sauce, and the California style burger is highly recommended as well!

Cha Da Thai

173 Howard St

Cha Da Thai’s menu is filled with interesting tastes and colorful presentation. If you’re a fan of Thai food than Cha Da Thai will not let you down. The Thai tea is excellent, and dangerously easy to drink. Also, the chefs at Cha Da Thai hold nothing back when creating their lunch specials except for the price. You can get an immense plate for lunch at Cha Da Thai that’ll probably have to be finished for dinner! We recommend the pad thai of course, and with a Thai tea to drink.

Coyote Kitchen

200 Southgate Dr

The Coyote Kitchen is some of the best food in town, with a stock of craft beers that is nothing to shake a stick at. One interesting choice the chefs at Coyote Kitchen has made is the boats. The boats are oval shaped “trays” that are a combination of locally grown vegetables and raised meat. Each one has a very unique pallete, and even the most picky of eaters will be able to find something to fall in love with. Coyote kitchen is also famous for their dips which come with every meal. We recommend the Texicali bowl, with it’s Tex-Mex flavorings. You’ll wonder which part of the world you’re in as the snow falls on the rolling peaks of the Blue Ridge right outside.

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