When thinking of the scenic High Country, most of our new residents’ minds don’t wander to trains. If you could spare us the pun, we’ll get your imaginations back on track. If you haven’t heard of Tweetsie Railroad, where have you been? Our iconic amusement park is just down 421 outside of Boone in our sister town of Blowing Rock. It’s around a 15 minute drive for a day’s worth of fun. If you’ve been looking for your next Boone destination, Tweetsie is it.

Check Tweetsie’s hours and dates page to plan your trip, but take notice that this weekend is the last weekend of the October Halloween-themed Ghost Train. Spooky ghouls and ghosts litter the sides of the train’s exhibits, and haunted rooms and houses take over the usual general stores and gift shops. It’s a great event for all of the family, but maybe not those of you who don’t enjoy being spooked! For the skittish, ghost train doesn’t start until 7:30 p.m.

If you can’t make it this weekend to the Ghost Train, make tweetsie your Boone destination for Christmas! The first ever Tweetsie Christmas is an almost unbelievable new addition to the theme park. It takes place Dec. 24th and 25th. Throughout the regular year Tweetsie sports rides, live entertainment, a deer park, and a plethora of other interest points for young and old. May we also personally recommend October as the perfect time of year to see this Boone destination. Just watch out for the traffic!

Boone Destinations: Tweetsie’s History

This year marks the sixtieth anniversary of Tweetsie Railroad, as it opened in 1957. It became a train ride for tourists and locals alike after adapting a railroad built nearly 50 years before it. The pieces that remained and were renovated became the wild west theme park we know and love today. Over the years different amenities were added to the theme park, such as a chairlift, gift shops, and multiple rides. The rides include the Drop Tower ride, Round up, Tornado, Carousel, Til-a-Whirl, Ferris Wheel, “Tweetsie Twister” ride, and the “Turnprike Cruiser” ride. Whatever you desire on a day out to the fair or a theme park, Tweetsie has you humbly covered.

Sofield Rentals and Tweetsie Railroad

Some of our rental locations are closer to Tweetsie than others, but get to know your neighbors! If you’re a college student a quick carpool is in order to Tweetsie. If you haven’t been, you truly need to go. Tickets can be pricey for the tighter wallets among us, but saving up for a week or two or playing a local coffee shop gig for tips will get you in. When it comes to your date, well, there’s several coffee shops here in town.

Boone offers one of the most laid back college town experiences available. The number one place to retire in the country is just 20 minutes away, Blowing Rock, NC. Don’t let that scare you however, there is a multitude of fun to be had at many Boone destinations. Nearly all of them are reachable from every one of our rentals. If you’re interested in Tweetsie, buy your tickets for this weekend now and experience the Ghost Train! The High Country’s premier spooky extravaganza!. All from the comfort of your new (or old) Sofield Rental.