The Blue Ridge is a sprawling ocean of green trees punctuated by waves of undulating mountains tinted blue. On the Parkway, it’s not rare to see photographers at every overlook. They appear frantically concerned with the task of documenting the current canvas time has etched in the rolling hills. Trails that run through the Parkway have the pungent smell of flora and fauna, and they are populated with plenty of both. Hikers that traverse the trails remark on the prehistoric wonder it invokes and return year after year. Clean air, tall rock structures, and the promise of a view just up ahead no matter the bend. If that’s not enough reason to visit the wilderness of the High Country, we don’t know what is. In case you’re still not convinced, we recommend checking out Turtle Island Preserve.

Eustace Conway

Turtle Island is the passion project of Eustace Conway. One of the most interesting locals in High Country, Eustace is a “speaker for the Earth.” The transcendent nature of the High Country gifted Eustace with a vision of a simple life promoting what he deems essential. He believes one of the most important aspects of life is a connection to nature. From his biography on the Turtle Island Preserve site, “Like Thoreau, Eustace has gone to the woods to live deliberately, fronting only the essential facts of life, to see if he could not learn what it had to teach, and not when he came to die discover that he had not lived. He has lived in the woods for over 35 years.”

Turtle Island Preserve

Eustace started the preserve in 1987. Turtle Island is now a place where everyone can come and learn from educators about the importance of the Earth, and allows even children to learn lessons they’ll carry throughout life. The preserve is a beautiful portion of the High Country, right here in Boone. If you need to get away from school, the perils of the work force, or just to get away, look no further.

If you’re interested on the easiest way to experience Turtle Island Preserve, you should attend the annual festival. From the festival section of the site, “This is your chance to return to nature and connect with our living farm, community organizations, craftsmen and teachers. While enjoying live mountain music, see examples of solar and water power systems, historic building practices, and join in on classes and demonstrations in food, blacksmithing, wood working, knife craft, blade sharpening, plant foraging, and many more.”

Sofield Rentals

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