Boone is filled to the brim with destinations to experience historical landscapes, moments, and artifacts, as well as hideaway locations within the woods perfect for a picnic or a photo shoot. The ever present adventure right outside your doorstep is what leads so many people to the High Country. It’s also why so many of us are in love with where we live. If you’re coming to Boone or if you’ve already arrived, there’s one place that we want to recommend to you as a sort of litmus test for High Country living. Moses Cone Manor, or Flat-Top Manor is a sight to behold, and you have to see it.

Wikipedia lists the proprietor of the manor,”Moses Herman Cone (June 29, 1857 – December 8, 1908)” as “an American textile entrepreneur, conservationist, and philanthropist of the Gilded Age who was active in the southern United States.” He was a southern gentlemen who did very well for himself in short, but also left behind a legacy not all too familiar in the Appalachians. In the late 1800’s early 1900’s the High Country area was incredibly impoverished and destitute. Cone decided he wished to help.

Being a man of grand ideas and good old fashioned american giddy-up, he set out to make his fortune in textiles. Eventually, he began to be known as the “Denim King,” and sold denim to a little jean company called Levi Strauss. As if that wasn’t enough, he was largely instrumental in creating Appalchian State, which at the time was dubbed “Watauga University,”(source: rhododendron journal). And when Cone died, he donated his estate and property to the National Parks Service, and the donations from tourists funded the the Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro North Carolina.

A Mansion in The High Country

The house is a sight to behold, truly befitting of the “Denim King.” It’s a magnificent structure with, well…..not a flat top. It’s actually named Flat Top Manor due to it’s proximity to Flat Top Mountain. The area is open to all visitors, and has a gallery of historical Cone artifacts as well as much more history on his contributions and achievements. The area overlooks a scenic portion of the Blue Ridge.

Some trivia on the home: It is a massive house, boasting “twenty-three rooms and 13,000 square feet (1,200 m2) of living space. Moses Cone Memorial Park and Flat Top Manor). It was also a filming location for the the movie, “A Green Mile,” with Tom Hanks. Also, a normal home costed around $200 during the time that Moses wished to build his. His would end up costing $25,000 to build.

Sofield Properties of Boone

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